The Outlet Of Elijah Post

Workbreach is my Outlet.

I made this website when I was in 5th grade. It's grown up as I have. Today it's a place to see the kind of stuff I have been up to.

1. I've been working on cool projects - I hope to have information on them here. 

2. My resume will be posted here as well as my "works" (mostly art)

3. I've also been doing design and CAD work, and that will be here as well. At least some of it. I've got 600 pieces of cad, and the non-garbage will make it on. 

Last Updated: 21 November 2013

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First update in over 2 years!

This incarnation of the site will be a repository for my stuff. It doesn't need to be updated regularly, just whenever I want something on my resume.

Content will be posted slowley.

tweety tweets.